Buenos Aires – a world class walking city

BA facades

What makes a great walking city? Streets with unique character, lots of people, distinct neighbourhoods, parks to sit and cafe’s to refresh and people watch, good public transit…that would be my list and Buenos Aires would be among the top contenders. On a recent visit to BA with my friend Cheryl we spent a week exploring the city, constantly pausing to admire the amazing architecture with something new around each corner.

Many buildings have a faded elegance harkening back to a more affluent era but like many faded beauty’s – still lovely.

BA faded elegance

There are neighbours who are so different yet compliment each other in their contrasting styles like these two in San Telmo.

Neighbours san Telmo

Puerto Madero, once a derelict Port has risen from the ashes with its new parks and walkways and dramatic Puente de la Mujer (Woman’s Bridge).

Puerta Madera

Historical treasures have been repurposed – surely the Ford dealership at the base of this regal structure has a crown like no other.

Ford dealership

The modern stands with the quirky and the Belle Epoch.

3 styles

Sometimes it conjures up NYC’s Central Park or Barcelona’s Gaudi styles. But always with its own Buenos Aires touch.Central Parkish


There are the stately structures like the Argentine Congress building’s or the BA Cathedral.

Argentine congress buildings

BA cathedral

And the official like the French Embassy building.

French embassy

And always there are the requisite parks to take a moment and rest your weary feet before you hit the streets again looking for a great cafe.

BA park

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5 Responses to Buenos Aires – a world class walking city

  1. Sartenada says:

    Gorgeous architectural photos.

  2. Heather says:

    ~Thanks for taking me to those places….your pictures transport me there and your words guide me along the tour.

  3. Wow the blog is great. Beautiful photographs and an overall “feel” of the city.

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