Airport Art?

Ger was the first one to introduce me to the concept of ‘airport art’ – a faux handicraft made to appeal to tourists, that doesn’t represent the country or culture it comes from.

Well in Costa Rica they’ve put a whole new twist on that expression – they took their airport and turned the runways into a huge city park and the architecturally unique terminal into an art museum open to the public for free on weekends…Airport Art takes on a new meaning.

Built in the 1930’s the terminal building which now houses national art is a glimpse into the more glamourous and exclusive past of air travel.

San Jose Art gallery

VIP reception room preserved from old terminal building.

VIP reception room preserved from old terminal building.

Art Museum

In the 1970’s the airport was shut and Sabana Park, which is truly the lungs of this city, was born.

While there are many paintings, the bronze and wood sculptures are the ones that seem to capture the soul of this country. While some reside in the gardens around the museum, others are found on city streets as you’ll see from one of my earlier posts – a democratic access to art.

Giant bronze agricultural workers

Giant bronze agricultural workers

Women walking and guest

Women walking and guest

Hand tree reaching from 1st level to second

Hand tree reaching from 1st level to 2nd

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3 Responses to Airport Art?

  1. Sartenada says:

    Airport art – very enjoyable art.

  2. Annie says:

    you look so at home walking with the women….
    an amazing adventure.

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