Simple San Jose Sunday

A lot of people rush through San Jose on their way to the sexier parts of Costa Rica. Ger and I have always felt comfortable here though – shabby and decidedly non-gentrified as it may be. So on a Sunday morning we set out to walk this City we have come to know over the past few years – a city whose commerce still mostly shuts down on this day.

Since 2003 however, they also shut down their main thoroughfare – Paseo Colon – for what is called ‘Smoke Free Family Sunday’s’. Activities of all kinds are facilitated and provided free of charge to encourage participation. Walking downtown we witnessed some of the fun families were having.

Municipality provides all the resources

Municipality provides all the resources

The sports and recreation committee of the municipal government provide all the resources for the day and all families need to do is show up and play. What a great priority.

The Zumba dancers were very enthusiastic!

Zumba Paseo Colon

Zumba in the street!

And unlike us some of the tourists even joined in the activity!

Tourist Zumba


There were water slides, skate boarding and cycling activities.

The boys

And free face painting too.


And this strangely violent game for a country that prides itself on non-violence!


Some of our best times are spent watching families spend time together and the fact that San Jose as a community finds a way to prioritize family fun makes it a special city indeed.

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2 Responses to Simple San Jose Sunday

  1. Cheryl Kryzaniwsky says:

    interesting that the face painting picture appeared just before the Sherwin Williams paint sign. Have a blast.

  2. Annie says:

    great pictures – looks warm and vey relaxing – enjoy!!

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