Gifts around us

Maybe when you’re in a different place you look more closely at your environment and marvel at the gifts that are there if you just open your eyes.

View from here

The tree out the back with its orange jewels glinting in the sun – juicy, sweet mandarins there for the taking if you wish…

Manna from nature

And we did wish! And they didn’t disappoint.

Gifts from the garden

Sweet and juicy

This mango tree with all its bounty wasn’t yet ready to share.













A walk in the forest with a sudden glimpse of fiery red.

On the forest floor












A trilling song and a little visitor nodding his yellow cap our way.

Yellow cap

We’re all surrounded by such beauty wherever we are and all we need to do is truly look around at the gifts nature provides…

Of course that’s often easier to do if you’re not in the middle of a snowstorm!

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1 Response to Gifts around us

  1. Cheryl Kryzaniwsky says:

    Hard in a snowstorm and the ones here just won’t quit; however, your sharing your little piece of paradise really helps.

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