December Daisy?

Today we received our first Christmas cards and the neighbourhood is starting to light up with colourful display’s of the season. Then there is the garden which appears a tad confused so I took some photos today to show what I mean.

A little frost worn but hanging in there.

A little frost worn but hanging in there.

It’s harder to know what season it is these days and I don’t think it’s a matter of me getting older. I mean, Christmas appeared in some stores in October even though there was a time you could count on some sort of semi dignified restraint until after Halloween.

And then there are the flowers that either hang in there or in the case of the two below decide that December would be a good time to bloom!

Bedraggled but determined December Primrose

Bedraggled but determined December Primrose

A lonely December pansy

A lonely December pansy

Of course the weather has some accountability for all this since we’ve gone from well below zero to plus 11 over the past few weeks so no wonder the flowers are confused about the seasons too. No lectures from me about consumerism or climate change but ask any gardener if things are a bit odd out there!

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2 Responses to December Daisy?

  1. Schuster says:

    Gindin and I were walking to a neighbourhood park yesterday with Ruby, and on the way passed a garden still lush with chrysanthemums. And as we got close we could see two bees gathering pollen. That’s yesterday, December 4 in Toronto!

  2. Cheryl Kryzaniwsky says:

    We’re on the same page re consumerism. I would like to see restraint until after Nov. 11th even though war and remembrance doesn’t sit right with me there are thousands who gave/give their lives and I can’t appreciate the lights and festivities of the season until at least December 1st. Love the flowers and although they are confused they brighten our lives at any time of the year.

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