On being regarded a technical expert

It’s true that one person’s expert is another person’s idiot but right now I’m basking in the status of expert! My friend Cheryl (who sometimes mistakes me for smart and I enjoy the moment!) asked me to walk her through the process for adding a new post to her blog (cherylonthego@wordpress.com). It’s been a while since she’s posted and there are lots of us clamoring for updates when she soon visits Thailand with her sister Wendy.                                                                                                                                                                  Cheryl has the sweetest little MacBook Air on which to input her comments, so that will be a big plus in the process. However if you’ve been a PC user, like Cheryl for decades, its sometimes hard to make the transition. It got me to thinking about how its possible to get comfortable with the technology but just like a language its better if you’ve been speaking it since you were a child. I hear so many friends comment these days that if they have trouble with anything, from DVD players to computers, they usually asked their grandchildren for advice. In reviewing the 1000’s of photos on my computer I found a few that give you a clue about why this happens!

Granddaughter Peyton taking notes for her blog

Yes, Peyton’s* less than a year old but it seems that an early start is normal these days and quickly becomes a natural part of life for young people.


And then by 18 months old Peyton* and her Dad Dylan were even blogging together…is it any wonder that we need to ask them for assistance so often!

By the age of six she was teaching Ger a few of the finer tricks of the technology. Her Grandfather had been an early convert to his Mac but she can show him the finer wonders of its tricks.

Working on her travel blog in Tobago


Peyton posting her travel blog in Tobago (age 7)!            


So while I was able to work with Cheryl on her blog, the fact is that we don’t stand a chance in the face of younger generations and their fluency. But we sure have interesting things to say and a different perspective on life… so while our technical challenges may be many, our voices still need to be heard. That’s why we’re all looking forward to Cheryl’s blog from Thailand – because as long as the frustration doesn’t get her down she’ll have fascinating things to share!!

**Disclaimer: any stories about my granddaughter may be subject to exaggeration as a result of chronic family pride.

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4 Responses to On being regarded a technical expert

  1. Now doubt the generation growing up now will have a better handle on computers and today’s technology. But also they will find themselves one day, struggling with whatever is new then…

  2. Schuster Gindin says:

    Thank you, blog tutor. I too look forward to Cheryl’s posts from Thailand. What a beautiful granddaughter. I can’t believe she’s so big already. Schuster

  3. thanks this is loverly


  4. barotsi says:

    Remarkably clever, witty and insightful.

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