Southampton art school travel writing course

Spending a weekend in Southampton, Ontario with my friend Cheryl anytime is worth the drive from Toronto – however this weekend had an added bonus as we both participated in a course for aspiring travel writers at the Southampton Art school. Situated on the shores of Lake Huron, Ontario the Art school embodies the wonderful collective spirit of sharing talent that the artistic community often represents. Our group leader – professional travel writer Melody Wren – was a perfect example of this as she generously shared her wealth of experiences over the two mornings we spent in class. An eclectic group of six participants with varied backgrounds, we encouraged each other to find our own voices. Will Cheryl and I move beyond our blogs and try ‘pitching’ story ideas? The ongoing travel is a sure thing but stay tuned for anything further than that.

Aspiring travel writers – Melody Wren on left

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3 Responses to Southampton art school travel writing course

  1. Russ Barr says:

    Thanks for letting me view your blog, Carol. Im looking forward to starting one too.

    I enjoyed Melody’s enthusiastic course presentation and I thought we offered some interesting points of view.


  2. What a great time of year and time in our lives to take the coarse, I look forward to viewing your blog and sharing in your adventures.


  3. Melody Wren says:

    so pleased to have you in my course, Carol. you and Cheryl were both delightful, talented additions to the class. good luck with it all, and happy travels.

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