A Little Spring Cleaning

International Womens Day 2012 was when it all began with my first modest foray into the blogging world. Not many of you would have noticed back then when I nervously posted this introductory piece:  https://womanseyeview.me/2012/03/08/hello-world/

Well not quite nervously but perhaps ‘perplexed’ would be a better description of my mood. Why do I want to bother and would anyone actually read it? Did I have anything worth saying or anyone I really wanted to say it to? At first playing with what to me was a new format was satisfying enough. But soon I discovered an interesting community and I’ve stayed for the other nice bloggers I’ve met along the way.

My format however has pretty well stayed the same – comment, photo in the middle, comment and I’m feeling like a little ‘spring cleaning’ is in order for my 3rd anniversary.

Canadian spring

Canadian spring

So I’ve signed up for ‘Blogging 101’ to see if there are any more tricks to be learned because, let’s be brutally honest here, I can’t even figure out how to do a hyper link if that’s what it’s even called! I’ve watched with envy as my blogging pals seem to move on to fancier things and I’m still technologically stuck at where I began.

So with the duster poised metaphorically in my hand I’m ready to go after the cobwebs in the corners of my blog…and some have grown a little large!


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60 Responses to A Little Spring Cleaning

  1. Girl Gone Expat says:

    Great picture, but I have to say that spider gave me the shivers! I did the blogging 101 when I started up my blog just before christmas last year (yes I am a newbie!) and I found some great help there:)

  2. I had a grim chuckle reading your comments on hyperlinks etc….after far too many hours on my last blog, blundering around between Visual and Text and Preview…..trying and failing to get all the type in the same typeface….Aaaaaarrgh! The more I struggle to understand CompuSpeak, the more addled my old brain gets…I even “joined” 101, without a clue as to what it was…did one post and then left it….I hate how stupid this machine can make me feel! I’ve loved the blogs of yours that I’ve seen…..Good photo’s, interesting words…honest….what more does a bunny want?! x

  3. petchary says:

    Good luck with your redesign! I am thinking of freshening up my own blog, too…

  4. Your spider photo is amazing! I am currently in Blogging 101 with you. What an inspiring experience it’s been.

  5. restlessjo says:

    How’s it going with the learning? Is that a new Header? Lovely and cheerful. I’m not the most observant soul so apologies if it was there when I last called 🙂

    • Thank you for noticing the new header – weird wordpress thing but one day my header just disappeared so I had to do a new one! I have not been great at keeping up with the daily assignments but so many of them were about finding blogs to follow, how to make comments, expanding your follows – all things that I wasn’t that interested in at this stage since I enjoy the blogs I follow and can’t handle any more right now. Thanks for asking!

  6. Pauline my pommepal is the keen blogger in the partnership.
    My blog would be very basic if it were not for her,
    We each have different talents and share what we know.
    Your photo of the spider is wonderful I like spiders and their beautiful webs.
    Occasionally I fluke taking a good one, But would like to know how to take one as good as yours.

    • You’re lucky to have your partner for blogging -I guess to a lesser extent that’s what the blogging community can do for some of us too. Interestingly on closer inspection my spider seems to be missing one leg – I never noticed that before but her web is a little ‘different’!

  7. Sheryl says:

    Happy Blogiversary! I like the format you use, and think that Womaneyeview’s Blog is well designed–but it will be fun to see how you tweak it. I always learn so much from seeing how others update their blogs.

    • Not sure if I’m up for a full scale renovation. My hope is to learn a few things to mix it up a bit but we’ll see! You took on a lot when you started the new blog and the little bells and whistles – like the customized header – are pretty impressive. Thanks for the encouragement.

  8. mommermom says:

    You are the second blogger I am following that has decided to make some positive changes with studying the art of blogging. You are both inspiring me. As I mentioned to her, I have slowed down on my posting while trying to decide in which direction I will go. Thank you for the encouragement and good luck to you in your journey!

    • Thanks for your supportive words. I was wondering where you had gone since I haven’t seen a posting on your blog for a bit – nice to hear from you. Sometimes it is hard to decide on a direction and one of our assignments was to describe who you were writing your blog for…that threw me for a loop since I wasn’t quite sure! I’m still thinking about it and may write about it soon if I can figure it out.

  9. restlessjo says:

    Good for you! It’s easy to just stay with what you know. I feel quite ashamed that I’ve not attempted 101 and expect I’ll end up in the Dunce’s corner if I do. There’s so much to know, isn’t there? I keep thinking when my photo memory runs out I’ll start again with something more exhilarating, but so far it’s lasting well (phew!) 🙂

  10. Good luck with the spring cleaning – we all need that from time to time, whether in real life of in the blog world. Great images – but spring? Feels more like winter, particularly the first one.

    • Yes that’s is the thing about our Canadian ‘springs’ – when they finally start there are lots of false starts and it even surprises the birds! Thanks for the encouragement!

  11. joannesisco says:

    We’re supposed to tidy up our blog occasionally? Damn. I have enough trouble keeping up with my house 😉
    Learning something new is always an adventure and a change is good – especially at this time of year as we yearn for spring.
    Loving your spring-like colours!

    • Thanks for noticing my colours – you do what you can this time of year! It’s funny but when I look back at my earlier posts I realize that I did self learn a few things at the beginning but perhaps there are some more things to add. I’m also prepared to find out that I’m okay with what I’m doing…except for those pesky hyperlinks!!

  12. Best of luck. A blogger I know did 101 and loved it! I wouldn’t mind doing it either 😊 nice pics

  13. margaret21 says:

    Well, I’m glad you started blogging: you have interesting things to say, and great photos, and I enjoy our interactions . We’d never have ‘met’ without blogging. You say you’ve ‘just signed up’ for Blogging 101. Have I missed something? I thought it was over for this season and it’s something I’m interested to be involved in.

  14. Look forward to learning from you…..although I must admit I like your current blogs as photographs are the reason I visit. Not links or hyperlinks or long descriptions or sidebars etc etc etc

  15. pommepal says:

    Good luck with the spring clean. I think the WP happiness engineers do a great job keeping us all inspired and it is so amazing that we have all these helpful learning tools at the click of a button. I’ve been blogging since 2009 but I did a recent “blogging 101” and 201 just to see what was new, you can never stop learning.

    • Thanks for letting me know that you too have taken the course and I didn’t know there was a 201 either so that’s interesting. I agree completely that you can never stop learning.

  16. I hope you learn hyperlinks. They are easy (and useful) but only when you know how! Like so much with the computer. Good luck with the spring cleaning and Blogging 101. I wonder if I should get the duster out too?

  17. Gunta says:

    Wishing you great fun and luck with blogging 101. I started blogging for family and friends and somehow drifted into a more general audience or group of bloggy friends. It’s a great community and I’ve ‘met’ some wonderful people here. I look forward to seeing the results of your attempt at stretching your horizon a bit.

    • It is funny how the blogosphere works – glad to have met you on your blog! Thank you for the encouraging words and look forward to the continuation of your trip.

  18. Yay for Canadian bloggers!! I must admit, I panicked a bit when I started writing a comment about how to hyper link and then realized I myself don’t really know… anyways, I look forward to reading more from you! 🙂

  19. lilypup says:

    You will learn plenty from 101. Enjoy! http://lilypupslife.wordpress.com/

  20. Donna says:

    Awesome pictures. Glad there is another Canadian in the mix. We do have great springs.

  21. Nancy says:

    I learned a lot from Blogging 101… and I am still keeping in contact with people who went through it with me. You do not have to do all they ask…as they are flexible. Your blog is beautiful but the best thing is… it’s always fun to learn more.
    The snow on the birdfeeder is too cute. If they are hungry… they will eat. Even if there is 10 feet of snow!
    Good Luck to you my friend!
    …and on learning about those hyper links… You will learn how to do it! 😀

    • I remember reading your blog when you were taking the course and thought to myself then that it’s something I should do. Thanks for the inspiration. Yes we can always learn more and I look forward to the hyperlink lesson!

  22. cindy knoke says:

    Oh your blog is wonderful just the way it is, as are you of course!

  23. Lavinia Ross says:

    Hi Carol! I’ve always loved what you’ve posted, but also looking forward to anything new you come up with. I will never see a Garden Gnome the same way ever again – I can’t look at one without thinking of your post! It brought a bright spot to my day and provides a good chuckle whenever I think of it. Yes, it is a wonderful community of people out here on the blogs. There are so many, and unfortunately I can only get to a handful. Wishing a bright and cheerful day to all, wherever you are. 🙂

    • Your blog is one that brightens up my day whenever it shows up in my reader and I too am only sorry that I can’t follow as many bloggers as I’d like to. That gnome was easily the most unexpected thing I came across in our hike and as we start thinking about getting on the trail again I wonder if he’s still out there. I admit that I now look for them wherever I go but have never met as free a spirit since.

  24. agnesashe says:

    Gosh – Canadian spring looks a bit brutal! Now ‘Blogging 101’ I’m sure is very positive and is read as ‘Blogging one hundred and one’ and not in the Orwellian way ‘Blogging one o one’ as in ‘Room 101’. Or, is your spider photo the nightmare or fear you’d find in ‘Room 101’! Or, is blogging like being stuck in ‘Room 101’!!! Maybe, Orwell doesn’t resonate with folks on your side of the pond.

    • I had to think a while about this response – appropriate since your blogs always make me think! Orwell does indeed resonate with us since in a way we’ve fulfilled his idea of big brother, haven’t we by making it much easier for him to watch us? Yikes, I’m hoping that blogging 101 doesn’t turn into the torture chamber of Orwell’s room 101!

  25. Sue Slaght says:

    I have done blogging 101 and 201, although admittedly not all of the assignments. I learned a great deal and think you will too.
    Great capture of the spider. Pun intended. 🙂

    • Thanks for the encouragement Sue -really appreciate it! You are certainly one of the blogging community that has kept me interested through your great posts.

      • Sue Slaght says:

        Oh my goodness what a wonderful thing to say. I am truly touched.
        Do know I am still working away at the technology of the whole business which I find mind boggling at times. I have decided it must be good for my brain. Like learning a new language.
        If I can be of any help don’t hesitate to ask. Thanks again. You made my day. 🙂

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