Moving on to Greener Pastures

It has been a tough winter and the horses were showing a bit of that strain. Their environment had deteriorated badly with the winter melt and spring rains…

Muddy mess

…so when my friend said she was moving her horses back to her own barn, I asked if ‘my boy Romy’ could move too.

Perfect spring

Anyone who lives in a northern climate will tell you of the joy horses and other animals exhibit when they get their first sweet taste of green spring grass.

We rode our horses the couple of kilometres to their new pastures and were a little concerned that the change in their home could be disconcerting for them…but we couldn’t have been more wrong!

Romy kissing the grass!

Romy kissing the grass!

Vegas savouring the sweetness.

Vegas savouring the sweetness.

From the moment they arrived and their hooves sank into the greener pastures they were in horse heaven. Their heads went down and they started savouring the sweet, green grass and even as we tried to take their bridles off they resisted, so that they could gobble as much as possible in case we took them back to their previous muddy abode.

Jube-Jube devouring the new shoots.

Jube-Jube devouring the new shoots.

Yearling Arial.

Yearling Arya contemplating the blue flowers.

Even the laying hens have a snazzy new home…


Spring has come to the country and our steeds have moved on to greener pastures…all is right with the world!

Greener pastures 2

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19 Responses to Moving on to Greener Pastures

  1. Some time ago, but I love the little story told in photos about moving to greener pastures. 🙂

  2. joannesisco says:

    It I didn’t occur to me that we weren’t the only ones suffering through this winter. I imagine those first greens of spring were pretty awesome!!! They look very focused 🙂

  3. Sheryl says:

    The chicken house is awesome!

  4. They’ve had such a long tough winter and have been outside eating hay through most of it – poor things! So yes let’s hear it for Spring!

  5. Nancy says:

    What beautiful animals… what beautiful photos. They are just like two kids in a candy store…
    So Much And Can’t Get Enough! Let’s hear it for SPRING!

  6. These photographs are spectacular. Spring for all of us is a wonderful pleasurable time.

  7. agnesashe says:

    The hens certainly have a ‘des res’, but I’m concerned don’t you have foxes lurking in the vicinity. My sister lost her last chicken in broad daylight from her garden to Mr Fox. And, she has a very large labradoodle that’s usually on patrol.

    • I’m not a chicken expert but I wondered too – there are some foxes and coyotes wandering around that even their great dane probably wouldn’t scare. Perhaps they satiate themselves on the flocks of wild turkeys that are in the area…must ask them!

  8. I think I can completely understand how they feel! Spring and green grass finally!

  9. Gallivanta says:

    Aww that’s so lovely. I can imagine their pleasure. Did they roll in the grass too? Love your new header photo. So vibrant.

  10. sueslaght says:

    Fabulous photos. They look so happy chomping away at their new home.

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