Farley Mowat – Protector of the North



A great author and passionate environmentalist has passed on and many creatures -including us!- have lost a champion. After the horror he witnessed as a soldier in WWII Farley Mowat despaired of the cruelty of mankind and spent his life speaking up about our destruction of the natural world. He was ornery and outspoken and as recently as last week he was in the press with the following comment about introducing WiFi to Parks Canada:

“My thoughts can be expressed quite simply. I think it is a disastrous, quite stupid, idiotic concept, and should be eliminated immediately. I have very strong feelings that national parks. provincial parks, any kind of parks, that are theoretically set up to provide for the protection of nature, in some form or another, should be respected absolutely and ultimately and human beings should be kept out of them as much as possible.”
Farley Mowat, one of Canada’s best known nature lovers

RIP Farley Mowat.

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26 Responses to Farley Mowat – Protector of the North

  1. Ming Wang says:

    It looks like that social media networks are going to invade the remote wild area. Having the WIFI installed will encourage more people visit the remote wild area to experience the different, but it is not going to be good for environment.

    • Yes it’s quite a contradiction – more visitors could mean more advocates for wild spaces but more visitors means these spaces are less wild! Thanks for your comment.

  2. margaret21 says:

    I’ve never heard of Mowat (because I’m British, maybe?) but he sounds most interesting. Like Whichwaynow, I sort of agree with his views about man in National Parks, but it’s by visiting them that I have learned so much. A dilemma.

    • A dilemma indeed – we want wild spaces to preserve nature but with too much traffic we spoil them…I also like visiting wild areas but he really made me think about consequences.

  3. That’s an interesting view abou the National Parks but I’m glad it hasn’t been implimented as I have visited and enjoyed so many of them.

  4. Gunta says:

    Oregon’s lone (wild) wolf “Journey” apparently has found a mate and may even have pups.

  5. Sheryl says:

    I never heard of Farly Mawot until I read this post, but he sounds like an author I’d enjoy. I’ve added him to my “to read” list.

  6. So glad you agree. Thank you so much for your Mother’s Day wishes too!

  7. gpcox says:

    Mowat is quite right and the more people who learn that the better!

    Also want to add my wish for you to have a terrific MOTHER’S DAY!! ❤

  8. Love the two quotes of his! I’ve never heard of him so must look out for a book…
    As for the idea of wifi in parks, I’m gobsmacked! I’d say “Only in Amerika!”, but have a feeling it’ll be a rash on the planet, until we have WW3 over the last precious metals to make these infernal machines….I’m blessed to have two and a half unspoiled acres here….cities are alien territory to me now, but I fear for city dwellers seeking solace.
    Made me think of making a sign for my front door…”Abandon wifi all ye who enter here!”.

    • You should definitely read something of his – I think you two will see eye-to-eye. His dear friend and editor said that although Mowat was vocal in his belief that we were doomed by what we were doing to the natural world he in fact wrote out of optimism that perhaps his message would hit home. She called Farley Mowat the ‘wake up’ man! Like the idea of the sign for your front door!!

  9. sueslaght says:

    A wonderful author and champion of nature . We will miss you.

  10. Gallivanta says:

    RIP. A book I read a long time ago but which made a profound impression on someone who hasn’t even seen a wolf in real life.

  11. vsperry says:

    Amazingly I just found his book Never Cry Wolf which I read after I had seen the wolves out in Yellowstone. He was, indeed, an amazing human being, not a GOD, but simply a man who cried out louder than most of us.

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