The Great Escape

Polar vortex, frost-quakes, ice storms and never ending white stuff…this is a winter only a snow dog could love…Yes that is a house disappearing behind the latest snow clearing efforts. It’s been unrelenting since early December. Sure, a walk on snow covered trails with my trusty polar dog has a thrill of it’s own but this winter it’s wearing a little thin.


Call me soft or just getting older but when there are chairs waiting in the sun just a 5 hour flight away why wouldn’t you make the great escape?


Those who escape the whole winter are called ‘snowbirds’ because they arrive from the North as the snow starts to fall. Those of us who get a shorter reprieve from the great white north could perhaps be considered sunbirds since that is what we are chasing just long enough to thaw out our toes.

So leaving snow loving dog with ski crazy son and granddaughter we arrive at a gentler, warmer place.


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14 Responses to The Great Escape

  1. sueslaght says:

    Those lawn chairs look fantastic! Bring on the sunshine !

  2. joserasan66 says:

    No Se Con Cual De Los DOs Climas Quedarme… Sin Duda El Perro Esta Disfrutando y Nosotros Disfrutariamos En Esas Tumbonas…Un Saludo.

  3. Gunta says:

    Your Ivy does look like a larger version of my Sissy. Poodles are the greatest!

  4. joannesisco says:

    aaaaaah – just the pictures alone warm my soul as the wind is howling outside and blowing snow around. Soak up enough vitamin D for the rest of us still shivering in the northern climes and hopefully bring some back with you. Happy Sun Time! 🙂

  5. agnesashe says:

    Great photo of your dog. Is it (sorry don’t know if girl or boy) a standard? Looks like a very loving handful!

  6. Yes the extremes are enormous and thank you – we will just soak in some warmth.

  7. Gallivanta says:

    What a contrast. Enjoy your time as a sunbird 🙂

  8. vsperry says:

    I am rethinking my plans to go to Yellowstone tomorrow…I may join you instead. 🙂 Enjoy every moment!

  9. This is great fun, just what we’ve been waiting for. Good girl, Caroly. I hope this means the old you is on the way back.

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