Get out there and enjoy it!

When you live in a northern climate you clearly can’t hibernate all winter however seductive this option may be.  Of course there are times when the wiser choice is to clearly cocoon (see previous posts) but for the most part there is joy in a winter walk.

Waiting for summer2

When you have a very active dog who adores the snow you have obligations too! To quote Dylan Thomas I have a “dog who desires thrown stones more than the bones of elephants”.

Snowy Ivy

A local park waits for summer days…

Waiting for summer

…but a lively poodle waits for no woman!

Fun snow day

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20 Responses to Get out there and enjoy it!

  1. Some days Ivy is my key incentive to get out there…what a long winter!

  2. sueslaght says:

    Love the photos of your pup! the snow on the picnic table looks very familiar 🙂

  3. Gracias for your visit. Yes it has been cold! I enjoyed your photos very much.

  4. joserasan66 says:

    Uffff… Eso Si Es Frio… Bonitas Fotografias. Un Saludo.

  5. Its a great seat cover – simple, inexpensive and effective and I bought it at a horse riding supply shop! Thank you for noticing my header – these were hair clips with hand made fabric flowers and the stall was in a market in Buenos Aires…bought a couple for my granddaughter….I only wish I was better at using the crop function on wordpress so I could get a more fulsome picture.

  6. Gallivanta says:

    Adorable lively poodle! I like your new header photo too…candles? flowers? very colourful, anyway. 🙂 I haven’t ever seen a cover like that for a car seat; looks incredibly useful.

  7. Somehow a walk without a dog seems incomplete doesn’t it? Thanks for the visit.

  8. hermitsdoor says:

    Our Akita was born for snow! Our lab-boarder-collie is too stupid to know that she was not. Both go for walks year-round.

  9. Yes her love of winter is infectious and helps me through it.

  10. quilt32 says:

    I also love the last picture – that expression is priceless.

  11. Sheryl says:

    Winter is so much more fun (and goes so much faster) when I get outside and embrace it.

  12. Sheila says:

    And why exactly can you not hiberate all winter?

  13. icelandpenny says:

    lovely, lovely dog… animals encourage us to enjoy nature more ourselves

  14. I love the last photo too! What a cutie! 😉

  15. Forest So Green says:

    Yes, it is good to get out for some fresh air, I love the last photo 🙂 Annie

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