Contemplating Christmas

We are into the season of special events – whether religious or gift giving or family get-togethers…even those of us that find pleasure in some aspects of this time of year can’t help but also be dismayed at the excess and ‘consumerism gone wild’ aspect of it too.  It got me looking for a little relief  even though the month of December has only just begun.

Fir tree

One of my favourite parts of the season is my mother’s choir which brings joy to family and neighbours, sometimes in seniors homes, many of whom can’t get out for the holidays.

best choir one

For the little buying I do, I try to restrict my ‘consumerism’ to local artisans and local products where I can. It really does make the interaction so much more personal and humane – not to mention far more interesting.

Local art fairs like the one I regularly attend in Southhampton, Ontario at their Art School and Gallery is always a delight. Look at this amazing punch-needled evening bag by local fibre artist Phyllis Mercer!

Fabric art evening bag, Phyllis Mercer

Fabric art evening bag, Phyllis Mercer

Then as a real balm to the soul my granddaughter and I just helped decorate the barn where we ride horses together.


Peyton and wreath

Grazing happily in spite of a misty, wintery day the horses had no idea what awaited them back at the barn…

Misty horses

…truth be told unless it involved apples  or carrots they probably didn’t much care either!

Zoey and Aria

But a stable at this time of year has a special kind of meaning and is about as far removed from a mall as one can get. A nice respite – lucky us.

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17 Responses to Contemplating Christmas

  1. petchary says:

    Lovely – a Christmas away from the mall! I always try to “buy local” too at craft fairs etc. Hope you had a lovely Christmas anyway!

  2. Hopefully it will be the Bruce Trail minus snow though! Black Friday does seem appropriately named doesn’t it?

  3. Cheryl Kryzaniwsky says:

    This is so lovely. Will bode well for our BLOG of the Bruce Trail. Your beautiful pictures and entries erased from my mind the awful Black Friday images that kept playing over and over and making me ill.

  4. quilt32 says:

    My father always owned horses, so I identify very strongly with good times around the stables. The picture of your granddaughter with the wreath and the horses in the background is one of the best Christmas pictures I’ve seen this year.

    • Thank you Lillian – I try my best to not use too many photos of my granddaughter (an occupational hazard for us Grans!) but that one felt irresistible. Horses seem to calm me too.

  5. Gallivanta says:

    I am trying very hard to make home-made gifts this year or to source them locally or from craft bloggers I follow. And I would certainly find it much more appropriate to decorate a stable than visit a Shopping Mall at this time of year. Love the wreath your granddaughter is holding; it comes complete with a smile 🙂

    • Making homemde gifts is very special and you have already made such lovely gifts on your blog – the flower arrangements and collages of real flowers in front of art backgrounds are my favourites. Nice to hear from you.

  6. Sheryl says:

    I admire how you try to restrict your consumerism to local artisans and products. It makes me want to try to do something similar (though I’m not sure how successful I’d be).

  7. Susan - Toronto Designers says:

    I love your photos and the personal touch you have for your blog entries. Yahoo – go local! 🙂


  8. My Caroly, quite lovely and moving. Your mother must be thrilled too. Good for you.

  9. Lovely winter pictures at the barn. Would love to hear your mom’s choir sing sometime.

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