History lives in a garden in Seasalter

Old photos

As I parked in front of the pretty little bungalow in Seasalter, Kent, England I felt anxious about the ‘strangers’ I was about to meet. My mother must have felt the same because when I urged her to go ahead while I got my things together she hesitated. In that garden waited the descendants of her father’s family…children of uncles and aunts who were part of her childhood but only one who played any role in the rest of her life. My Grandfather’s parents had eight children – the first two and the last two were sets of twins…seven boys and one girl. Mary (91) the wife of the youngest brother, John, was there as the only representative of that generation.

We rounded the corner and there was a tentative ‘Maureen and Carol from Canada?’ and the tension melted away. Old photos were passed around, lives were caught up on, reminiscences shared and tears shed. We marvelled at our common ancestors.

photos examined


A chart was produced to consult about who belonged to whom and where our roots began…the threads of our lives woven together.

Chart consultedThe sun shone down on us all afternoon and the hours passed as quickly as the years we were recalling. We gazed into each others faces, openly and with hope to see if we could find a part of ourselves looking back.

Peered into each others faces

It was an afternoon filled with delight and discovery and when it was over we were content, our curiosity satisfied…for now. Would we stay in touch? Would we work on our family connections? We fully intended to when we said we would but as with so much of our busy life perhaps not…we’ll see. But for one afternoon our family’s history lived in a garden in Seasalter.

The gathering

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6 Responses to History lives in a garden in Seasalter

  1. Irene lowe says:

    What a lovely experience. My sister and I are leaving for England on May 27th. It is my paternal aunt’s 90th BD. We will spend two weeks with her and will also visit aunts and uncles and cousins on my mother’s side of the family. I only wish my mother was well enough to make the trip with us. Sadly, she has not seen the family for 25 years. Cherish the memories and the photographs!

  2. So lovely. Glad you did it and found your family. Even if you never meet again, I believe it does make things feel a little more whole.

  3. Julie White says:

    Carol, what a lovely post, I did a similar trip with my Mom in 1999 and I always look back on our adventure with fond memories…Safe travels to you both.

  4. Ceri says:

    So pleased for the both of you.

  5. Love the title and the sentiment caught in the blog. Sounds delightful. So glad you made the journey with your mother.

  6. how lovely for all of you. I have just had the same experience two weeks ago in Northern Ireland – it is a very emotional journey, isn’t it. it is so important this continuation of family.

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