Gotta Get Us Some Culture – Barcelona Day 4

Pouring rain again when we awakened on Day 4 of our trip.  It took about 10 seconds for both of us to decide to stay indoors until the rain stopped.  8 hours the day before had worn us down.  By noon the sun was shining and we headed for Montjuic on the subway and funicular.  What a system here in Barcelona;  11 underground lines crisscrossing the entire city with amazing signage, reasonable fares (10 euros for 10 trips) and efficient, clean cars.  When the subway came to our stop we hopped on the funicular which brought us back to ground level and then paid for a “cable car” ride up the mountain to Castell de Montjuic.OK this and the following posts describe our day but because some of our Blog followers were not sure we were even in Barcelona, so absent were we in our photographs, we decided Day 4 was to showcase “Carol & Cheryl in Barcelona.

The view from the Castell Montjuic was amazing – you could view the entire working waterfront, the city in all it’s glory but not without noticing that the Sagrada Familial – Gaudi’s obsession and some say his finest work dwarfs all other buildings in the city.

A short way along the road from the cable car is the Joan Miro museum and since both Carol and I had that on our “to do list” we purchased tickets and ventured in.  Whimsical, multi media, colorful with the guidebook describing Miro as “one of the 20th centuries most celebrated artists” we were not disappointed. Using incredible materials, huge art pieces of cloth, bright fabrics, wood, found objects which formed collages hung from many walls and were at least ’10 by 10′.  There was a wonderful video describing the man who lived for his art until he was 90 years old.

We ended our day in a lovely restaurant in the Gothic quarter and made a pact “that what happens in Barcelona stays in Barcelona” – our lips are sealed!

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