Gothic Church and Mozart’s music

To finish the day perfectly we were booked for Mozart’s Requiem at the Santa Caterina de la Mar cathedral. A gothic structure that was stunning in its majesty and perfectly suited for the exquisite concert we were to hear.

We found a charming little tapas bar across from the cathedral and enjoyed some great local red wine, local cheeses and other goodies. When we went back across the plaza to the church it was buzzing with activity and the seats filled up quickly. Now this was at 25euro a ticket and most of the audience seemed to be Spaniards. The setting was exquisite and so was the concert that followed.

The ancient structure filled with the sounds of the orchestra and lovely voices of the choir and soloists  and in spite of the hard church pews the hour and a half passed quickly. We were up yet again way past our regular bed time and walked home the 30 minutes to arrive back at the hotel after midnight. A perfect ending to an interesting but dreary day.

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