Hola Barcelona – Carol and Cheryl

Arrived in Barcelona at 3pm yesterday and even though we were exhausted we couldn’t wait to start exploring. Walking through the streets around our hotel was a treat as we enjoyed the architecture but as we turned the corner and spotted the Arc de Triomf (which only gets one star in guide books) we knew we were in for many treats in the days ahead.

Then we walked to Placa Catalunya , where the pedestrian walk La Rambla starts and joined the throngs of people enjoying the City. Turning down one of the charming narrow lanes we lucked into a small, intimate tapas  bar called Set de Gotic. We consumed fresh salad, local Catalan artisan cheese and red wine and planned the day to follow.

With the sun shining and the weather for the week dodgy we made plans for outdoor exploring. Not being tourist snobs we bought  two day tickets for the ‘hop on -hop off’ bus tour.

It was a great introduction to part of the City and we rode it past spectacular architecture like this colorful roof from the Mercat (Market) St. Catarina which has been there since 1848.

Sitting on the top of the bus – a little chilly but fun – we passed the headquarters for the water corporation. It is an interesting, futuristic building and the audio guide explained that the architect claimed to be inspired by the blue of the Mediterranean and the strange hills of Montserrat. But as feminists we can recognize a phallic symbol when we see one – what do you think?
Well that’s it for tonight – see you tomorrow.
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2 Responses to Hola Barcelona – Carol and Cheryl

  1. joanfrankham says:

    One of my favourite cities, so many interesting places to see.

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