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Got snow? Make ice…

I know it’s not as snappy as ‘got lemons, make lemonade’ but I thought there just had to be some equivalent catchy phrase as I watched these two determined young guys clearing skating space on the pond out back. Making … Continue reading

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Body heat and other winter thoughts

I can understand why medieval farmers slept with their animals – in the same building I mean…a thought that occurred to me quite often as I’ve been mucking out the stalls, hauling water and stuffing hay bags this winter. Let … Continue reading

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For the love of horses.

Sitting outside on a balmy Costa Rican morning I sip coffee and think fondly of the horse I’ve left behind in the cold. Some of you may have met my boy Romy in previous posts – he brings me much … Continue reading

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Frost Quakes!

I know it sounds like the name for a new brand of cereal but it seems to be the latest in our two week northern weather marathon here! A series of loud bangs that shook our homes, woke us up … Continue reading

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‘The Ice Storm Cometh’ (apologies to Eugene O’Neill)

They call it a ‘glitter storm’ in Newfoundland but here it’s just a dreaded ice storm! At first it was so pretty but we knew if it lasted too long it meant trouble and trouble we have… …first you hear the … Continue reading

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