Gnome without a home

Roadside gnome

There on the side of the road he stood with his dignity and smile intact but a little rusty around the edges. Where had he come from and where was he going I wondered as I momentarily considered placing him in my backpack. There have been some strange sights and some sad ones along the Bruce Trail…this rated as strange but what could be sad about a gnome who had freed himself from the constraints of his garden.

gnome with no home

Happy trails little friend.

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39 Responses to Gnome without a home

  1. timelesslady says:

    Awwww….love this…gnomes are dear little people…but then I love fairies, elves and other woodsy creatures too. 🙂

  2. Argus says:

    Dammit. I always read the post first, comment, then read the other comments … The Independent seems to have covered it nicely already~!

  3. Argus says:

    People in NZ have in the past woken one morning to find their pet gnome gone from their front garden … and months, years even, afterwards it’s just as mysteriously reappeared.

    There was a rash of it happening some years back; but along with the returned absentee would be (waterproofed) packages of photos of said gnome in all sorts of places.
    Gnomes would pass from hand to hand (complete with address and snaps) for further travel and more snaps, but would eventually be replaced. Sometimes …

  4. hermitsdoor says:

    A couple of years ago a cabin went up our way. Near the end of construction, a solitairy gnome appeared in the lawn. I’ve been tempted every since to start adding gnomes behind trees and such to see how many I could deposit in the yard. Just a thought though.

  5. Cute little fellow. I’m sure he knew exactly where he wanted to be. 🙂

  6. He does look somewhat lost. But, yes, still very happy looking. Being lost is sometimes the best feeling in the world. A lovely post.

  7. In spite of his rust and dents he’s still smiling. Welcome back.

  8. restlessjo says:

    Escape! A guy after my own heart 🙂 And very happy he looks too.

  9. Mustang.Koji says:

    You would get along well with two of my gnome-loving friends… One time, when a bad storm brought down a good sized tree in my Michigan friend’s yard, the first thing he did was to look for his gnomes. They all survived unscathed…but he had enough firewood to last for quite some time. 🙂

  10. He may have been hitch hiking and pulled in his thumb (just slightly according to the photograph) when we passed ashamed he was not hiking the entire trail. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

  11. Looks to me as if he is contemplating “right or left at Main Street” and looking forward to an upcoming adventure

  12. agnesashe says:

    Perhaps this was a very, very discreet art installation!! 😉

  13. margaret21 says:

    Well, he’s a gnome far from home. I didn’t know you had them in your part of the world too. Love your story about the gnome nabber too!

  14. Gallivanta says:

    How delightful! He looks very happy to be out on his own.

  15. A delightful surprise…there was a story a couple of years ago about a gnome that was taken from a garden in England and then the gnome nabber sent postcards to the homeowners from all over the world!

    • joannesisco says:

      I love that! What a wonderfully twisted thing to do!!

      • El Rolyat says:

        Wonderful find 🙂
        I heard the Gnome on Holiday story many many years ago when I was still a student (early 80s) and have always thought it a marvellous idea. I actually thought it was an urban legend until I Googled it today. There are even Travelling Gnome Prank clubs! How hilarious.
        Perhaps your Gnome got homesick and decided to hitch back home?

  16. Sue Slaght says:

    What a fantastic surprise. Now if gnomes could talk wouldn’t there be a story or two to tell?

  17. Lavinia Ross says:

    This sounds like the beginnings of a good script for a movie called “Gnome Alone” 🙂 I love Gnomes! Wonder how he got there? I once found a set of dumbbell weights out in the middle of nowhere along a country road when I was about 14. I picked them up and brought them home. Still have them. The story they could tell of their origin!

    • Gnome alone – wish I’d thought of that! Hard to know how he arrived since he was standing so upright but within clear view on the side of the country road…so you’re doubtful he got there on his own?

      • Lavinia Ross says:

        Every once in a while I hear on the news about a rash of Gnome thefts from gardens in various places around the country. It is also possible he has come straight from the Twilight Zone – wouldn’t that make a good episode! 🙂

  18. Sheryl says:

    I love it! What a fun spot for a gnome.

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