Signs of the times

Sometimes you need to convey an unusual message to the public in as clear a way as possible…sometimes the message is just odd. Over the years I’ve taken photos of some of these public information signs and here to start the new year are some of my favourites!

From South Africa here are some interesting contenders:

Yes it says ‘Dung Beetles’ and how do you check for them without going off the road?

Dung beetle sign

Then look out for Hippos crossing the road.

Beware of hippos sign

Or Rhinos – here we have a notice that ahead is a bridge that discourages them from crossing…so I guess you run like heck towards it if necessary…but are you or the Rhino limited to 40?

Rhino deterrent bridge ahead sign

Then there’s this bitingly clear warning from this beach just outside Durban!

Shark attack sign

In Canada we are notoriously polite – here we apologize for not clearing up storm strewn logs fast enough and apologize should you trip over them.

Typical Cdn apology sign

We’re a little clearer here in telling you you could be crushed.

BC beach warning sign

Or the more confusing one where we tell you yes this is a Tsunami evacuation route but don’t try and escape too fast!

Tsunami evacuation route sign

Anyone who says we don’t live in an interesting, challenging world just doesn’t look at the signs all around them.

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11 Responses to Signs of the times

  1. sueslaght says:

    Oh my goodness I love the ‘Dung Beatles Have the Right of Way’ sign. Really? Like if there is just one? Or does it have to be a thousand? Too funny.

  2. Now that’s a sign I’d like to have for my photo collection!

  3. hermitsdoor says:

    We saw quite a few of those types of signs when traveling in South Africa last year. Our favorite was the elephant turning over a small car (sign that is).

  4. Ron Scubadiver says:

    Australia is like that. The place is full of dangerous animals.

  5. icelandpenny says:

    One of my enduring favourites was a pamphlet, not a sign. Entering Banff National Park, or the others clustered around there, I’d be handed a pamphlet that explained the difference between black bears and grizzlies, right down to the difference in their claws. It always struck me that by the time I could check that detail in person… it was far too late to matter.

  6. Maybe I shouldn’t have been so flippant about it!

  7. Gallivanta says:

    Signs are so interesting. I wish we had a tsunami evacuation route sign, with any speed on it! I really would like to know where to go!

  8. Would love to see them Irene but you should also consider sharing them on your blog. You take such great shots and its fun to get feed back. Thank you for looking at mine!

  9. ilordloweme says:

    Hi Carol

    I also take photos of interesting signs. One I love from South Africa is a permanent sign saying ‘Potholes’. They don’t try to fix them, just let you know they are there. Another was taken on a beach near Cape Town saying ‘ no shooting of guns’. The sign is full of gun shot holes! I love it. If I can find them I will pass them on.


    Irene Lowe Sent from my iPad

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