GOing on the Red Rocket

How did it take me so long to discover public transit?

Go train

As a committed driver for decades I had always dismissed the train or bus as an option but now that I commute to the downtown core it is so obviously the smartest alternative. 2.76 million passengers ride the Red Rockets (pet name for the Toronto Transit Commission’s streetcars, subways and buses) around town every day and that takes a lot of co-operation on the part of travellers!

Red Rocket

Next to New York City and Mexico City we are the 3rd largest transit system in North America. Given the tight budget our transit commission is forced to work under and the lack of vision by some elected folks it’s impressive what we manage to achieve.

Patient commuters

Coming in from the North of the City I also travel the GO transit system and 250,000 of us converge on Union station every morning.

Go engine

The past few months however, have tested our civility to the limit as we must pass through two major construction projects: the renovation of the historic railway terminal and the construction of a second subway platform at Union station.

Union crowds

This has all gone on around us and every day is an adventure as we never know what entrances are open, what platforms we’ll arrive at and what other surprises we may find.

crowds, union, cn tower

The pleasantness between construction workers, transit workers and commuters trying to get where they’re going is a tribute to us all!

Subway workers

The comraderie we discover as we suffer through this together is quite amazing. If anything people are more polite than usual as we work through each day’s challenges and it does make you feel better about our home town.

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7 Responses to GOing on the Red Rocket

  1. Thank you. I have never and will never try the sky walk at the CN Tower – heights are my biggest fear…all I can suggest is that you look up reviews on tripadvisor. I imagine it’s pretty mind blowing.

  2. sueslaght says:

    I love the photo looking down at the train from the platform.
    On another note have you or anyone you know, tried the sky walk adventure at the top of the CN Tower? I would love to give it a go.

  3. Gallivanta says:

    That’s a massive construction project!!!!

  4. Great photos and nice take on transit.

  5. zalnymia says:

    Very enjoyable series of photos!

  6. Sheryl says:

    I’ve also discovered that using mass transit when on vacation can save money and make the vacation more relaxing.

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