Hippie symbols and union meetings?


Perfect in its three petals, most commonly white, the trillium heralds in spring on our forest floors. It’s also our Provinces official symbol. I don’t mean as the official flower of the Province – it actually is the government symbol and appears on all things official.

Sort of neat in a peaceful, hippie type way don’t you think?



It may have changed a little in design over the years but as you can see, the flower remains – do you think someone got big bucks for these design changes?


We have seen carpets of trilliums on our Bruce Trail walks and never tire of exclaiming to each other about their fragile beauty. There are several different species here although I could only recognize three – the big, erect white ones, the smaller white types  and the rarer scarlet ones.


Patches of sweet woodruff also dot the forest floor and my hiking partner Cheryl and I look forward to a warmer spell which will release their delicate fragrance.


There are blooming lilacs dotted across the countryside, once part of homesteads that no longer stand, they have become naturalized and tough it out easily over our often brutal winters. Romy’s 2 year old friend Aria tried these out for taste and manages to wear them in her hair…hippie symbols seem everywhere this spring.


On an unrelated issue I saw this gathering on the pond out back and thought that it might be a union meeting of some kind. Maybe they were trying to work out a way to share the riches? Canada geese, mallard ducks, merganser diving ducks (I mentioned these here), a cormorant and a great blue heron all planning the revolution perhaps?


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It’s official!

With mud splashed on his long, muscular legs, stripped of the leather that until moments ago had clothed his golden body, his naturally streaked hair flying in the wind, … he ran with wild abandon, knowing the joy that awaited him.

Spring pasture

Yes my boy Romy is finally back grazing in the Spring pasture! Who did you think I was  talking about?!


And for two key reasons it seems to be officially Spring. First there is the afore mentioned pasture and secondly my friend Cheryl and I have been back on the Bruce Trail for a month now.


Song birds and naturalized daffodils dot the countryside.



DSC00253 Waterways are still a little swollen from the rains.


As Cheryl looks out over the countryside to Georgian Bay beyond, we both know that the long wait is over…

DSC00221 Spring at last. Spring at last! We have not been tempted to run with wild abandon or eat the grass yet though…


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Does Ikea have ‘grandmother issues’?

Taken along to amuse my 11 month old grandson while my son and daughter-in-law debated the merits of Ektorp vs Ekenas, I was having a grand old grandmother time! Not wanting to hurt anyones feelings but my little prince really is the handsomest, smartest little fellow – and he does seem to find me very amusing.

Little prince

I happily traipsed  him through the Ikea toy department which always seems to have colourful and imaginative toys…although the prices do make me wonder about child labour or at least sweatshops. They have a fairy tale line in toys…you know the stereotypes – princess, prince, red riding hood, wolf…wolf!! I couldn’t believe my eyes… there was the wolf swallowing grandmother whole:

Granny muncher!

Look more closely, this is gruesome stuff!

Poor granny!

Horrified on behalf of my granny sisterhood, I hid it from my grandson’s innocent eyes and raced over to my daughter-in-law who, while not taking it as personally as me, declared wryly “hmmm wonder what toy designer thought that was a good idea!”

I wanted to stay around and watch what types might actually buy such a violent, granny- hating thing but the debate had been decided in favour of Ektorp and we needed to move along. I didn’t notice what this toy was called but after decades of experience with Ikea names it’s probably something like ‘Kilagran’.

And I always thought Sweden was such a peace loving place…


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Hope flies in on the wings of a bird…

I’ll pretty much take what I can get by this point in the year! Hope it seems has flown in on the wings of a bird…or two.

It started of course with the geese, to whom I bid farewell last Autumn. Their familiar honking calls overhead pull your eyes skyward to their oh-so-welcome v-formations headed north at last.

Goose in rain

Resting along the way

The song birds, shortly after, started frequenting my bird feeders as they returned a little worse for wear.

Spring finch

Then one morning I looked out and there he was walking his perimeter and making sure all was as he’d left it – the majestic great blue heron. Even the cheeky mallard ducks came for a closer look.

Heron and ducks

On closer inspection it looks like he’s had a tough journey north. It has been a brutal winter for us all and Spring is late in coming.

GBH close

And then a new visitor – new to me since it seems he’s called the ‘common’ Merganser, a diving duck who fishes for whatever else lives in the pond.

Showing off

Soon his fair, red headed, lady joined him along with other relatives making the journey to who knows where. She proved much more difficult to photograph whether because she was shy, better camouflaged or was having a bad hair day is hard to say.

photo shy



Bad hair day

The blossoms may not be blooming nor any flowers pushing up from the earth yet but the birds are coming home and so Spring can’t be far behind…

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Fire, Earth, Air and Water

There comes a time when you have to try something new…even if it’s just once! So when my blogging friend Nancy over at TwoTrails One Road included me in her challenge on the four elements I thought it was a good time to have a go. Many philosophies have their own way of interpreting these elements but here we are given a chance to choose a photo to represent our own. It also gave me a chance to look through photos and remember interesting places I have had the good fortune to visit.

While this interpretation of FIRE may be a little predictable  it’s the shadowy figure walking by that brings me pleasure:



When I think of EARTH I always marvel at how, when we treated properly it can provide us with such riches. This photo I took of a village out collectively farming in Rwanda is the one I chose for its simple harmony:



Across a windswept veldt this windmill in South Africa represents such a benign harnessing of the energy of moving AIR…it reminds me that there are so many ways we could find power while doing less harm:



As the spring is starting to return to us here in the North and the snow and ice melts and the WATER once again starts to run it makes me think of renewal. How the world wakes up from the winter but also how the predictability of the seasons and our natural elements is very vulnerable unless we change our ways:

More water



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A Little Spring Cleaning

International Womens Day 2012 was when it all began with my first modest foray into the blogging world. Not many of you would have noticed back then when I nervously posted this introductory piece:  http://womanseyeview.me/2012/03/08/hello-world/

Well not quite nervously but perhaps ‘perplexed’ would be a better description of my mood. Why do I want to bother and would anyone actually read it? Did I have anything worth saying or anyone I really wanted to say it to? At first playing with what to me was a new format was satisfying enough. But soon I discovered an interesting community and I’ve stayed for the other nice bloggers I’ve met along the way.

My format however has pretty well stayed the same – comment, photo in the middle, comment and I’m feeling like a little ‘spring cleaning’ is in order for my 3rd anniversary.

Canadian spring

Canadian spring

So I’ve signed up for ‘Blogging 101′ to see if there are any more tricks to be learned because, let’s be brutally honest here, I can’t even figure out how to do a hyper link if that’s what it’s even called! I’ve watched with envy as my blogging pals seem to move on to fancier things and I’m still technologically stuck at where I began.

So with the duster poised metaphorically in my hand I’m ready to go after the cobwebs in the corners of my blog…and some have grown a little large!


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Turn Right at Jesus

Was it turn right at Jesus or was it 100 metres north of KFC? These aren’t existential religious or political questions, I’m simply trying to find my way to the Guayabo National Monument. It’s always fun trying to get around in Costa Rica when you’re used to actual addresses.

Turn right at Jesus.

Turn right at Jesus.

Ask someone their address and they’ll say something like ‘100 metres east past Coca Cola, red door’.  Or how about this, for a popular new restaurant I tried to find: ’75 M Oeste Del Blue Valley, Oficentro Trivium’. Or ‘ 1st blue gate past the guanacaste tree’!

There are some very developed cities here and I’ve found those locations somewhat easier to find. After all, they usually involve a church or fast food outlet or lots of people to ask…it’s the ones in the country where blue seems to be a popular colour for a gate that often baffle me.

50 metres south of the blue gate

After driving through heavenly countryside with clouds below us and many a hairpin turn we did eventually find Guayabo and it was worth the drive…so I guess it was ‘turn right at Jesus’!

Clouds rolling in

Guayabo is a partially uncovered archeological site which appears to have been inhabited from 1,000 BC to 1400 AD  and was used for ceremonial purposes. We walked in through the rain forest on the slopes of the Turrialba Volcano – still active as of this week.

Ruins from above

There below us lay precisely placed stone mounds, platforms, aqueducts still running into stone pools…

Ancient pools

and a road so sturdy it would make the Romans envious!

Ruins ground level

Apparently there are networks of these roads still to uncover and given the state of many roads in Costa Rica they should study them carefully for tips.



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